Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Also Grieve

There are few who can fully share the sorrow that has fallen upon the parents of small children murdered in cold blood in the small hamlet of Newtown, CT.  These children were young Americans, their parents are fellow citizens, and we grieve with them.  There is little we can say to comfort these folk.  Only time will ease the grief and then there will always be the emotional scars.  My prayer is that God in His mercy and grace will give comfort to those affected by the death of their loved ones.  The senseless killing is horrific, which can only be explained as the actions of a very evil man.  How do people arrive at this stage?  How can we say that God is loving and just when He allows these things to occur?

We live in a sin-cursed world, but God is aware of everything that happens.  In our finite minds, although we  cannot fathom God's purposes, we need to trust in God.  He knows best, and nothing happens without His knowledge, and yes, nothing happens without His permission.

These senseless shootings are occurring more often than in the past.  There was a time when God was invited in the schoolhouse and in the government buildings all across this once great nation.  Five decades ago we decided to kick the Almighty out and replace a belief in God with a belief in evolution and in government.  We are now reaping what we have sown.  A Godless society cannot expect His protection.  Those who have placed their faith in Jesus have a high calling, a purpose for living, and the prospect of eternal life.  Those who accept this life as a senseless evolutionary brief time on earth and then oblivion do not have any hope of a future after this life.  With no sense of eternal judgment, evil people become even more evil.  Their lives are filled with emptiness and despair.  We as a nation must repent and turn back to God.  Sadly too many are now turning to their government and asking them to stop the senseless killings.

Our government cannot help.  It is filled with wicked men and women too.  Many think that gun control measures will stem the tide of violence.  My wife read a news item recently about a deranged Chinese man who used a knife to kill and wound 22 kids.  Guns are not the only means of killing.  Actually if some of the teachers, and perhaps the principal had a gun and were trained to use it, we may have averted this tragedy. 

As darkness descends on our land, may we as Christians stand up for righteousness.  May we be salt and light.