Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thirty-three Years and Counting

Last weekend my wife and I celebrated our thirty-third anniversary. I am neither boasting nor acting like a prude when I say I have been faithful both before and since our wedding to my one and only love. I have no regrets, and have missed nothing by experimenting or dabbling into sexual immorality. I have read the story of King David enough times and I have seen how horribly adultery and pornography can ruin families. I have a clear conscience, but I also realize that it only by the grace of God that I can say that.

If you are pure, I urge you to stay that way, praying that God will protect you from the temptations that bombard us constantly. If you have strayed, though there may be scars for the rest of your life, God is the God of second chances. It requires repentance, and may require counseling, but God promises to forgive and with His help, you may find the forgiveness of others and possibly restoration.

Although I believe God wanted me to say that, I did want to make this post a little different from previous ones. This is more of a newsy post; I hope you don't mind. Since I took a vacation from my blog the past two months, things have not slowed down. I have spent the evenings and weekends working on our little estate we call Grace Place, and yes, the heat finally got to me! The company, Grace Plastics, has been slammed with more plastic scrap than we can handle, so we have added a fourth grinder and are slowly digging our way out. Although we have been stressed trying to figure out where we would put loads when there was absolutely no room in the building, God helped us through, just as He helped two years ago when we almost lost our shirt when the economy tanked. We are now financially stronger than we were before the crash - God is faithful - and it certainly doesn't hurt when we daily remind God that Grace Plastics doesn't belong to us, but to Him.

Two weeks ago Kathy and I took a trip to eastern Pennsylvania where our son-in-law's sister was getting married. I n a previous life (25 years ago), we spent a year and a half just outside Reading, PA. We visited the church we attended then, and were disappointed that we didn't recognize anyone. With the help of our Garmin, we were able to find the two houses that we lived in back then. Wow! one of them is a real trash heap now. Then we went on to Philadelphia and visited Independence Hall. The next day we were in Gettysburg for a tour of the battlefield, hoping that General Lee would somehow pull out a victory, but it just didn't happen.

And now, back at work, enjoying what God has led me to do. Let us all be faithful to Him!